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Exploring for Graphite and Lithium in Quebec, Canada

At Lomiko, we are committed to providing the electric vehicle industry and other green energy technologies with a secure, reliable supply of the critical materials needed to make electric car batteries and other energy storage systems.

Although North American industry is leading the green energy revolution, there are no active graphite mines in the US – the world is largely dependent on China and Mozambique for the high quality, large flake graphite needed for these energy applications.

Lomiko Metals is an exploration-stage mining company based in Canada that is actively developing two main projects in the province of Quebec: La Loutre, which is held 100% by Lomiko and is being explored for high grade large flake graphite, and Bourier, which has been optioned by Lomiko and is being explored for lithium.

La Loutre, Quebec, Canada

As another important battery component, lithium is also in short supply. The demand for lithium is growing at a much faster rate than the demand for lithium-ion batteries, thanks in large part to the continued increase in electric vehicle production. Where your typical handheld electronic device’s battery requires on average just a single ounce of lithium, a hybrid-electric vehicle needs 20 pounds of the metal in its battery, while a fully electric model needs as much as 50 pounds. That’s the same amount of lithium as in 800 electronic devices per fully electric vehicle.

Both graphite and lithium are essential to supply North America’s rapidly expanding electric battery and green energy industries, and Lomiko is poised to be a leading provider of these critical minerals.

Lomiko is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol LMR-V.

The Demand for Graphite is Greater than Ever Before

Why is graphite needed?

With fuel prices surging and the need for eco-friendly alternatives becoming a necessity, graphite will play a pivotal role in the electric vehicle industry in years to come.
Electric cars are becoming more affordable, which is having a profound effect on the consumer vehicle industry. Four metals are required in electric vehicles, lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite. There is 15x more graphite in electric car batteries than lithium, making it a key component of the movement.

Up until now, China and Mozambique have been the predominant sources for graphite across the world. With deposits coming from so far away, the North American markets have struggled to justify high import prices. However, with Lomiko Metals’ La Loutre graphite deposit in Quebec, Canada, North American-sourced graphite can now become a viable option for prominent consumer vehicle and other green technology companies. La Loutre offers high-grade, large flake graphite, which is the type that is necessary for use in electric vehicle batteries. The site is also easily accessible and is in a jurisdiction that is highly favourable to mining development. By developing La Loutre, Lomiko will become a leading supplier to the North American graphite market.

Graphite is not only used in lithium-ion batteries. It is also a key material in energy storage, pencils, sporting equipment and electronics, which includes smartphones and laptops. The graphite market is projected to hit $27 billion by 2025, with the demand for the material increasing in multiple industries.

Graphite Demand Surge Chart

As the graphite economy expands, the market could surpass supply within the next ten years. There are no operating graphite mines in the US, but Lomiko can provide the graphite the market needs from right next door – Canada.

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