Sustainability and new circular economy is at the heart of our core values at Lomiko and how we make our day to day decisions. We have a clear vision on what a meaningful new energy enterprise of the future looks like.

Mining Circular Economy

Sustainability to us is the ability to create a net positive impact in the communities in which we operate and it underpins every step of our development process, from early-stage exploration through to site closure and remediation. Lomiko has conviction in a hub and spoke approach as we continue building a new energy company in Quebec, Canada: for the new energy vehicle to drive, the wheel must see an equal amount of opportunity and engagement created with each spoke of community, environment, investor and public stakeholders. We plan to provide rewarding employment opportunities that build transferable skills that people can rely on, well beyond the duration of the organization’s life-of-mine.

Canadian critical minerals must be sourced in harmony with the surrounding communities, our contractors, employees and shareholders with the goal of creating the smallest footprint possible while actively contributing to a sustainable, renewable energy society.


Lomiko is UL ECOLOGO® certified

In March 2022, Lomiko obtained its UL ECOLOGO® (ECOLOGO) certification.  ECOLOGO is certification program which offers a standard by which to evaluate mineral exploration companies and their service providers on factors such as:

  • environmental impact
  • safety of employees, contractors, and all other people in the mineral exploration process
  • the well-being of impacted communities
  • fair and ethical business practices
  • compliance with applicable legal requirements
  • and efficient use of financial resources.

The certification provides credible, third-party verification by a globally recognized and trusted ecolabelling program in the province of Quebec and applies not only to site work but corporate work as well.  Links to the Company’s Ecologo (AEMQ) certification can be found at

Lomiko’s Ecologo certifications can also be found at