Complaint Management Protocol

Lomiko Metals Inc. strongly adheres to values of respect, integrity, personal performance and ingenuity. With the central objective of becoming a responsible operator of choice in Canadian critical minerals, the company strives to be transparent and community focused throughout the development of its operations.

The purpose of this complaint management protocol is to outline specific actions to be taken and timelines to adhere to following the receipt of a complaint from a concerned stakeholder. The complaint-handling framework developed in this document enable Lomiko Metals Inc. to analyze the reported situation and respond by taking immediate remedial action.

This complaints management protocol ultimately promotes continual improvement in the company’s operations. By encouraging the submission of concerns by stakeholders and providing feedback on reported issues, Lomiko Metals Inc. may continually adjust and improve its procedures.

Stakeholders wishing to submit a complaint to Lomiko Metals Inc. may do so through the following methods:

By email:

By phone: 1-833-456-6456 or 1-833-4-LOMIKO

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