Sustainability is at the heart of our core values at Lomiko, and underpins every step of our development process, from early-stage exploration through to site closure and remediation. We believe that our source of critical minerals benefits the electric vehicle revolution and renewable energy storage. However, we never forget that these minerals must be sourced in harmony with the surrounding communities, with the goal of creating the smallest footprint possible.

At Lomiko, our focus is on the sustainability of the full value chain, from pit to product. We believe that it is counterintuitive to provide materials to a sustainable, renewable energy industry if we cannot do so in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way. That value chain integrates sustainability not only at every step and in all aspects of Lomiko’s activities, it also must be embraced and implemented by all our stakeholders, including contractors and their subcontractors and suppliers. Lomiko’s vision of sustainability is that we are all an integral part of the same socio-economic ecosystem and must all live up to the same core values. Their commitment to safety and sustainability must be equal to our own.

The value of the critical minerals sourced from our operations will be shared by all our stakeholders – not just our investors – but also the communities in which we will operate, where we plan to provide rewarding employment opportunities that build transferable skills that people can rely on, well beyond the duration of the organization’s life-of-mine.


Photo : Municipalité de Lac-des-Plages

Throughout the development of all our projects, we are committed to being open and transparent with all our stakeholders, seeking to build trust through respect. We are engaged in establishing an open dialogue with the surrounding communities where our activities are currently located, and actively listening to everyone’s concerns and queries. Our answers will be truthful and factual. We will keep our community abreast of our developments. We believe in cooperation and collaboration and being part of a broader space where Lomiko can contribute in a manner that will outlive its presence on any given territory. We know we can bring economic benefits to the community, and we seek an active, collaborative role within it, building partnerships and collaborating on community initiatives. We also plan to keep the lines of communication open via our social media channels, sharing facts and answering questions in both French and English.

As part of Lomiko’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, we are currently taking the required steps to become ECOLOGO certified. ECOLOGO is an independent certification program led by UL that has a specific set of requirements for the mineral exploration industry, developed with input from the Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (AEMQ), among other contributors. The certification process establishes guidelines for governance, policies, insurance, health and safety, transparency, and accountability.

Lomiko’s hands-on initiatives in the short term include the establishment of an environmental baseline collection and monitoring program at the La Loutre property so that we can collect more than a year’s worth of data through a full cycle of seasons on the environment before moving to the next stages of the development process of the project. We have engaged Hemmera, a leading Canadian environmental consultancy, to design and execute this program.

Our approach at Lomiko is guided by our vision of being a contributor to building a better world, for the long-term, and our mission of supplying sustainably sourced critical materials to industry.