Lomiko Metals Quebec Graphite Showings

The Company has staked approximately 14,255 hectares of mineral claims, 236 claims in total, on six projects in the Laurentian region of Quebec and within First Nations territory. These new claims lie within a 100 km radius of the Company’s flagship La Loutre graphite project and 28 claims are directly contiguous to La Loutre, with the Company claim package now covering 4,528 hectares. The highest graphite grades are commonly associated with rock contacts between marble and paragneiss or quartzite which is the host rock present in the Grenville Province and at La Loutre. Large, disseminated flake graphite mineralization occurs at a number of places in the Grenville Province metamorphic belt, located in Canada’s Quebec and southeastern Ontario jurisdictions, and the conglomeration of this mineralization in close proximity in the region presents opportunities in the future for responsible and low impact mining or quarry activities that are unique to this region.

This regional exploration program will cover numerous under-explored graphite showings primarily occurring within paragneiss units of the Grenville geological belt. The claims staked are largely accessible and situated close to road access and qualify as early-stage greenfield exploration. Lomiko intends to initiate exploration of these prospective graphite targets with high definition airborne magnetic, and time-domain electromagnetic surveys. This work will be followed by geological, prospecting, and sampling surveys based on ground targets generated by the airborne surveys. Lomiko will engage with communities and the KZA as this work evolves. Please refer to Figure 1 for details.

Boyd – 28 Claims
Lac Dieppe – 63 Claims
Lac Meloche – 24 Claims
Lac Tremblant – 49 Claims
Ruisseau – 31 Claims
North Low – 41 Claims

Figure 1 – New Lomiko Claims in relation to La Loutre

Figure 1 – New Lomiko Claims in relation to La Loutre

Historical estimates provided are from the GESTIM website, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (https://gestim.mines.gouv.qc.ca/MRN_GestimP_Presentation/ODM02101_login.aspx). A qualified person has not done sufficient work to classify the estimates and sample results provided and the issuer is not treating these estimates as current.