Prospective ground within favourable geology and regional structures with two graphite showings.

Location: 25 km southeast of Mont-Laurier. Excellent access.

# of Claims: 24

Lomiko - Lac Meloche Project

Lac Meloche

Location: Mineralized zone with outcrop located 600 m NE of Lac Meloche (Rang XII; Lots 27-28

Discovery: Mineralized zone with outcrop discovered in 1990 by geological mapping. History of work: In 1990, Graphicor Resources – Geological cartography.

Holder: Graphicor Resources (1990).

Lithologies: A – Biotite paragneiss; B-Quartzite. Minerals: Graphite, quartz, feldspar.

Morphology: Probably a cluster associated with paragneiss and quartzite.

Genesis: Graphite mineralization formed like several others in this sector, by the deposition of organic matter inside sediments followed by metasomatism or substitution of this matter by carbon, at the height of the Grenvillian orogeny.

Mineralization: Grade: 11.09% Cg, 11.38% Cg, 13.09% Cg, 10.40% Cg and 13.85% Cg (surface samples nos. 51038, 51040, 51045, 51046 and 51048 ; GM-51088). Several samples, from outcrops of biotite paragneiss and impure quartzite, revealed values greater than 10% in graphitic carbon (Cg). Graphite generally occurs in visible flakes between 1 and 3 mm in diameter. The best result, 13.85% Cg, comes from an outcrop of impure quartzite.